Bring the Narrative to Your Town

Attention Teachers, Administrators, Students, Parents and other Community Members interested in providing the Narrative in your town:

1) Email us at [email protected]

2) Let’s consider and include the following information:

  • How many books do we need? – Larger numbers make it more cost-effective for us to join a fundraising effort and deliver the books in-person. So, when thinking about “how many books,” if you’re not a dense urban center, you should draw a big circle around your area to include as many local students as you can.
  • Who should receive the book? – We’re focusing on grades 7 – 12. If you have a strong case for giving books to others, we’ll listen.
  • What does a book cost? – If we’re able to do large runs when printing the book, our cost is about $5 per book.
  • Who can help fund this? – If your school district has the funds, great! Otherwise, let’s think of local (or national) corporations, foundations or even individuals that can help. Do you know of a bank or car dealership or hospital that could chip in? If this requires a fundraiser, think about as part of the process of educating young people and showing them how to mobilize their community around a cause. 


3) After we have that information, let’s begin to talk and plan!